ANYBODY CAN WRESTLE! No matter your size or weight, there is a place for you in wrestling. In some sports, only certain body types are able to succeed: in football, you may need to be heavier/bigger; in basketball, you need to be somewhat tall; and in track, you need speed and stamina. In wrestling, as long as you are tough and have the desire to win, nothing else matters. Weight classes ensure fairness amongst the competitors, so you’re never too small or too big to participate. There are NO CUTS in wrestling. As long as you have the desire to be a member of the team, we will teach you everything you need to to be successful. 

1. Foundation Sport. Wrestling is about balance, agility, hand –eye coordination, flexibility, positioning, strength, speed, explosiveness, footwork, hustle, mental focus, mental toughness, core strength, concentration, competition, and endurance. Wrestling will make you better at all other sports.

2. Self-Confidence. Wrestling teaches hard work, self-improvement, sense of accomplishment, camaraderie of team, 1 on 1 aspect, and self-defense to name a few. 

3. Roadmap to Success. Wrestling is the perfect example of what it takes to be successful in life: goal setting, hard work, determination, focus, love of challenges, love of competition, confidence, being coachable, mental toughness, discipline, creativity, teamwork and accountability. 


Chris Granata -  Coach Granata, a 2016 inductee into the North Athletic Hall of Fame, set the school record for most career wins and most career pins for the RAMS, and is still the only North wrestler to be a 4X Rockland County Champion, 4X Division Champion, and 4X All-Section wrestler.  

Jack Granata - North High School’s first wrestler to earn NCAA All-American honors when he placed 5th for Hunter College in 1998. Coach Granata was a Rockland County and Divisional Champion and upon graduation was #1 in career wins and #1 in career pins for North.  


 The Clarkstown North RAMS Youth Wrestling Club is now in its 13th season. The club meets twice a week in the evening: 1st grade-4th grades for 45 minutes, and 5th-8th grades for an hour. All youth wrestlers will receive a club sublimated shirt and a team photo. We also host our very own annual youth tournament at North High School the first weekend in March. To assist our youth coaches, current high school wrestlers will volunteer their time to work with the young athletes throughout the season. . 

Clarkstown North Youth Wrestling Tournament Application